Sql Server 2005 默认端口修改方法

在sql server 配置管理器中,展开sql server 2005的网络配置,然后点击服务器实例如:mssqlserver 的协议。





在左窗格中,单击sql server 2005的服务。

在右窗格中,右键单击sql server实例如:sql server (mssqlserver),然后单击重新启动。当数据库引擎重新启动时,它将侦听端口1500 。


in sql server configuration manager, expand sql server 2005 network configuration, and then click on the server instance you want to configure.

in the right pane, double-click tcp/ip.

in the tcp/ip properties dialog box, click the ip addresses tab.

in the tcp port box of the ipall section, type an available port number. for this tutorial, we will use 1500.

click ok to close the dialog box, and click ok to the warning that the service must be restarted.

in the left pane, click sql server 2005 services.

in the right pane, right-click the instance of sql server, and then click restart. when the database engine restarts, it will listen on port 1500.

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